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Buddypass is the first centralized hub for group trips that takes the hassle out of planning by connecting you with the tools you need, all in one place.

Buddypass is the go-to app for group travel

We operate on three pillars


Information. Messages. Polls.

Streamline your travel management with Buddypass – the all-in-one app for hassle-free trips. Don’t let last-minute changes throw off your plans – keep your group on track and in sync with real-time updates and communication.

Download Buddypass now and ensure your next adventure is a success from start to finish



One accord is the theme.

Say goodbye to the frustration of answering repetitive questions from group members. With Buddypass, you can streamline your communication and ensure that no one misses a message.

Whether it’s a group chat or a one-on-one conversation, Buddypass has got you covered. Get ready to save time and improve your team’s productivity. Say hello to seamless communication with Buddypass.”


It really shouldn’t be this hard.

Experience hassle-free travel planning with Buddypass! Our all-in-one platform lets you effortlessly plan, book, and manage every aspect of your trip on a single page.

Join our community of savvy travelers and see the world with ease


Focus on experiences, not future plans - Buddypass will take care of that for you.

Made with the TRAVELER in mind


Book instantly within the Buddypass app


Collaborate with your group and track group finances by customizing a budget for each destination


Coordinate group calendar with hotel, flight, and activity details

Live update

See live updates delivered straight to everyone's phone



Explore and plan recommended trips based on past experience & preferences

Build Network

Build your own network - follow locations and people that interests you


Crystalize recommendations on trips that align with your interests

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Group travel
Made easy

Andres Newman

I’m more upset that this wasn’t out years ago. I really don’t think I’d plan outside of Buddypass again

Alex Obrien

My family reunion is always a mess and everyone ALWAYS has questions. We can’t even agree on a way to communicate. Buddypass solved that.

Erick Cooper

This is actually encouraging me to travel more. The dread of planning a trip is gone. I can plan anything now.

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